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Oral surgery refers to a number of dental procedures that either restore or remove teeth. Oral surgery can be performed by a general dentist or may require the skill of a specialist, depending on the complexity.

LifeTime Smiles of OC handles cases of oral surgery in Tustin, Santa Ana and the neighboring areas. We also refer patients to specialists when needed.

The following describes several different types of oral surgery:


An extraction is when a tooth is completely removed from the jawbone because of injury, infection or decay. A simple extraction is when the tooth is pulled out intact, and a surgical extraction is required if the tooth breaks, or there is another complication, such as impacted wisdom teeth. The area is completely numbed so patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. In most cases, extraction is considered to be a last-resort. The extracted tooth can then be replaced with a dental implant, bridge or partial denture.

Root Canal

Root canal procedures are necessary when a tooth has been compromised due to an infection that has traveled to the root. The dentist will drill through the tooth, clean the infected soft tissue out of the root canal and then seal the area. The tooth is then covered with a dental crown to keep bacteria from returning and causing another infection.

Contrary to popular belief, Tustin and Santa Ana oral surgery patients are pleased to find that root canals are not painful endodontic procedures and often save teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

Expose and Bond

An expose and bond procedure aids a tooth that is having trouble erupting and is interfering with orthodontic treatment. The process involves opening the gum, exposing the tooth and anchoring it to the braces bracket with a small chain. The chain helps the tooth to complete its eruption process and is adjusted over time.

Bone Preservation

Those who are receiving a dental implant may first require a bone graft if they have inadequate or weak jawbone. The jawbone must be strong enough to support the implant post for long-term success. The dentist will implant bone from a cadaver or from another area of the patient’s body into the jaw. The healing process can take up to four months, during which the bone graft will permanently fuse with the jaw. After the bone has been strengthened with a graft, the implant placement can take place.


An oral biopsy can be a helpful diagnostic tool for disease in other areas of the body. During a biopsy, the dentist will remove a small tissue sample from a mouth lump or lesion and send it out for analysis. The surgical area is then closed with dissolving sutures. The results of an oral biopsy are obtained within a few days.

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If you believe you might need oral surgery in Tustin and Santa Ana, you are welcome to schedule a consultation with the team at LifeTime Smiles of OC to learn more.

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