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A denture is a removable prosthetic that replaces most or all of the teeth. Partial dentures are used to fill in clusters of missing teeth, whereas complete dentures are used to replace an entire arch of teeth when no teeth are remaining.

If you are seeking expertly designed and crafted dentures in Santa Ana or Tustin, LifeTime Smiles of OC welcomes you to sit down with our team to discuss your specific needs. We are one of Orange County’s leading practices for restorative dentistry solutions, including dentures and other tooth replacement options.

The Denture Creation Process

Dentures require a small investment of the patient’s time because it will take several appointments to complete the design and placement process.

First, there is an examination of the patient’s teeth and evaluation by the dentist to decide which type of dentures will work best for the patient’s needs. Then, the following occurs:

  • Impressions are taken of the patient’s jaw to be used as a guideline for creating the dentures.
  • Models, plastic patterns or wax forms that represent how the permanent denture will be shaped and fitted are made. These models will be evaluated by the patient before the permanent denture is created. Feedback is welcome to fine-tune the model.
  • A provisional denture prosthetic can be worn while the final denture is being crafted.
  • The permanent denture is constructed and adjusted to the patient’s satisfaction. The patient tries on the denture and any last-minute adjustments can be made for fit or comfort.

Adjusting to Dentures in Tustin / Santa Ana

Living with dentures can be challenging at first. The muscles in the cheeks and tongue must adjust to keep the dentures firmly and comfortably in place. The patient may experience increased saliva production and gum soreness during this process, which will improve over time.

Patients with dentures should be cautious while chewing foods that contain bones and shells, and should completely avoid sticky foods and chewing gum. Food should be cut into small pieces and chewed on both sides of the mouth.

It may be more difficult to speak with dentures, and patients will need to practice the words that give them trouble. Reading out loud is a helpful exercise during the adjustment period.

Denture Benefits

It is always better to be fitted for dentures than to go through life with gaps from missing teeth. Dentures are created to blend in with any remaining natural teeth and complement the patient’s facial features and appearance. The dentures should help fill out the face while providing a beautiful smile. If the patient cares for the dentures properly by removing them each day for cleaning and having them regularly checked by a dentist, the dentures should last for many years.

Learn More about Dentures and Tooth Replacements

While dentures are an excellent choice to replace teeth, there are other options available. Scheduling a consultation with a dentist will help Tustin / Santa Ana dentures patients decide what is best for their particular needs. Call or email us today to book an appointment.

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