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A dental cleaning procedure removes the buildup of tartar and plaque on the teeth. While tartar occurs naturally over time, too much of it can be seen as an invader by the body’s immune system and cause it to go into overdrive. Since the mouth is responsible for eating, drinking and talking, it can become a battle zone without proper care. Regular cleanings keep things under control.

Another reason why teeth cleanings are important is because studies have found a link between oral and overall health. The cleaner and healthier the teeth, the less likely a person is to develop serious systemic diseases like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Dental cleanings are essential to strong overall health and wellness.

If you are seeking a trusted dental team for gentle teeth cleanings in Tustin, Santa Ana or the surrounding areas, LifeTime Smiles of OC is currently accepting new patients and would love to meet you.

The Cleaning Procedure

Teeth cleaning is an in-office procedure performed by a dental hygienist who uses tools to scrape away tartar buildup both above and below the gum line. While this is being done, the patient can request either a mirror or an intra-oral camera to see exactly what is being removed. The hygienist may comment on the amount of tartar and make recommendations to improve oral health using certain techniques at home. The patient may also want to request a pocket reading and ask to be staged for gum disease during their Tustin / Santa Ana teeth cleaning.

Teeth cleanings are combined with oral exams to check for signs of disease, decay or infection. X-rays may be taken to get a closer look at the underlying structures of the mouth.

Checking the Gums for Signs of Disease

The reactions of a patient’s gums to teeth cleaning are indicative of general oral health.

  • No disease: There is no bleeding, which means the gums and teeth are in optimal health. This should be every patient’s goal.
  • Gingivitis: It is estimated about 80 percent of the population has a periodontal condition known as gingivitis. The gums will bleed during cleaning and may have a red appearance around the teeth. This is a sign of inflammation and possible infection.
  • Early periodontitis: Along with bleeding, there are deep pockets around the teeth and even damage to the gum ligaments. Patients are often recommended to have root scaling and planing at this stage.
  • Advanced periodontitis: At this point, the patient’s teeth are in dire need of care due to very deep pockets and extensive bleeding from the gums. Along with scaling and planing, the patient may require surgery. This stage of gum disease is a threat to a patient’s overall health.

It should be noted that gum disease is not reversible. It can only be slowed down from its current point.

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