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A crown provides protection to teeth that are stained or have been compromised by cavities or fractures. Crowns are used when more conservative treatment approaches do not improve tooth appearance or function or as an enhancement to other restorative work.

The Benefits of a Crown

Crowns are used in the following dental situations:

  • Protection. Teeth can be weakened by advanced decay, fractures or a root canal procedure. Crowns will provide support while improving appearance.
  • Restoration. Habitual grinding causes teeth to become worn. A crown will enhance the remaining tooth structure.
  • Support. Teeth that contain large fillings need proper support.
  • Cover. Implants require a strong cover for optimal results.
  • Cosmetics. Crowns improve stains, discoloration and misalignment.

The Crown Procedure

The dentist will first evaluate the overall condition of the teeth and perform a cleaning if required. The next step is reducing the tooth structure to prepare it for the crown. The patient will be asked to choose a shape and color to ensure a good match with the rest of the teeth. A temporary crown will be used to avoid any hot and cold sensitivity and to stop teeth from shifting out of position. The final appointment involves removing the temporary crown and placing the permanent one. This will encourage the gum to settle around the restoration. The dentist will check the patient’s bite, chewing and speech patterns to ensure the crown has been properly fitted.

Crown Care

Most crowns will last at least two decades. They may last for the rest of patient’s life if a healthy regimen of brushing, flossing and antiseptic oral rinsing is regularly applied. While crowns provide excellent support for the structure of a tooth, they do not protect it from the effects of gum disease and decay. Biannual cleanings will prevent these problems and extend the life of the restoration.

Crowns are an excellent choice to preserve tooth function and structure. Those who are interested in improving their oral health with crowns should contact a dentist to discuss the procedure and explore their options.

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