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Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry solution that enhances the appearance of imperfect or unsightly teeth. They can completely cover up tooth misalignment, chips, cracks, gaps, discoloration and stains. Veneers are color-matched to blend with the surrounding natural teeth.

Men and women seeking porcelain veneers in Santa Ana, Tustin and the surrounding areas come to LifeTime Smiles of OC for personalized care and exceptional cosmetic results. We have improved the smiles of thousands of patients, thanks to this cosmetic dentistry solution.

Types of Veneers
Veneers can be crafted from porcelain or composite material. Porcelain veneers are attractive and durable whereas composite veneers are more affordable and require less preparation time. It is up to the patient to decide which type of veneer is appropriate for their needs.

The benefits of porcelain veneers include the following:

  • Chip repair. Aside from being unattractive, chips are a common dental problem that can expose teeth to bacteria and accelerate decay. Veneers can repair chips on the teeth for a healthier and more beautiful smile.
  • Eliminated gaps. Too much space between teeth can allow bacteria to accumulate and lead to gum disease. Veneers close the spaces between the teeth to prevent bacteria from building up in the gaps.
  • No more stains. Teeth become stained from beverages like tea, coffee and red wine. Discoloration is also a result of aging. Veneers mask stains and discoloration to create attractive teeth.
  • Repair of worn and crooked teeth. Grinding and genetics can cause teeth to become worn and misaligned, which affects chewing and overall function. Veneers restore teeth that are worn down from grinding or clenching.

Composite veneers are created in a single appointment. While they are a convenient and economical choice, they last only four to eight years even with excellent maintenance habits.

The Veneers Procedure
Our Santa Ana / Tustin veneers dentists first prep the tooth surface by removing a small amount of enamel to make room to accommodate the veneers. The dentist then makes an impression of the teeth to send to the dental laboratory that constructs the veneers; this ensures the new veneers fit properly. Temporary veneers can be placed over the prepared teeth.

At the next appointment, the temporary restorations are removed and the customized veneers are cemented to the teeth. The final result is a beautiful smile that will last for many years.

Caring for Veneers
Veneers require a good oral health routine to maintain their luster. Daily brushing and flossing along with the use of antiseptic mouthwash are all that is needed. It is best to avoid bad habits such as nail biting and ice chewing to protect veneers. While they are durable, they can still be damaged. Veneers should also be checked by a dentist every six months to a year.

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A beautiful smile is not only attractive, it enhances self-esteem and improves relationships both professionally and personally. Those interested in veneers in Santa Ana, Tustin or the surrounding areas should consult with our team at LifeTime Smiles of OC to discuss their options.

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